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Racism and Cancer Care

This series examines how racism affects the prevention, treatment, and delivery of care to minority communities, and to what extent we have adequately incorporated a culture of equity in all phases of our work and our personal lives. To this end, The Oncologist has invited the submission of papers on a broad spectrum of topics, from disparities in outcomes, to the recruitment and training of minority cancer physicians and scientists, to the personal experiences of minority professionals as they practice cancer medicine and pursue careers in the academic community.

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Discussions with Don S. Dizon

Dr. Don Dizon

Don S. Dizon is Professor of Medicine at Brown University, the Director of the Breast and Pelvic Malignancies Program and Hematology-Oncology Outpatient Clinics at Lifespan Cancer Institute, Director of Medical Oncology and the Oncology Sexual Health First Responders Clinic at Rhode Island Hospital.

May 7, 2021
Families are integral in the course of a patient's cancer treatment. In this month's blog, Don Dizon and Shaalan Beg discuss what happens when the family asks that the cancer diagnosis not be disclosed to the patient.