The Oncologist family is saddened by the death of oncology pioneer and Pinedo Cancer Care Prize winner José Baselga. You can read Dr. Bruce A. Chabner's "Remembering José" in our journal

Dr. Don DizonDiscussions with Don S. Dizon

Don S. Dizon is Professor of Medicine at Brown University, the Director of the Breast and Pelvic Malignancies Program and Hematology-Oncology Outpatient Clinics at Lifespan Cancer Institute, Director of Medical Oncology and the Oncology Sexual Health First Responders Clinic at Rhode Island Hospital.

Don Dizon and a former patient discuss the complex experience of being diagnosed with and cured of a rare disease.
In the shadow of the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, Don Dizon and Anne Katz reflect on a year filled with Zoom calls and virtual conferences.
In this month's blog post, Don Dizon and Meeyoung Lee discuss the importance of balancing hope with expectations when discussing Phase I trials with patients.